Request & Supplies Calculator

Do you find yourself tallying up every needle, ampule, etc that is needed per participant or per scenario every time you receive a lab request? Reduce those days of work to minutes.


Our web-based system allows you to view your operations information on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Easier Set-ups

We will help you organize your set-ups so that anyone can walk in and know what to do to prepare for the next lab.


Laboratory & Manikins SOS allows you to know what maintenance is needed in your lab and on your manikins based on the daily usage. It will help you know what is needed daily, weekly, monthly, and so on.

Communications Board

What if you can see what has been done to prepare for each lab and what is
still needed? Now you can with one click.

Ease of Implementation

Once you receive training, you will have access to our support and recorded